Gjesteblogg: Mine tanker om tatoveringsfjerning med laser

Dette innlegget er skrevet av Sandy Brudvik som er tatovør hos Let’s Buzz! i Bergen. Hun skal ta en ny tatovering over en gammel, og kommer til vår klinikk i Bergen for å bleke den gamle tatoveringen med laser. Teksten er på engelsk.

My opinion so far of laser tattoo removal with Remove Bergen:

Sandy Brudvik
Sandy Brudvik

We have been partnering with Remove Bergen for the last few months and I have been the test bunny for the shop. I volunteered after talking with the owners. There are a lot of questions that I had; what is possible, does it damage the skin and if it was safe? Henning from Remove gave me the answers that assured me that it was a good step for me.

The tattoo I am removing is over 20 years old. It has been illegible for a long time and I would love to do something over it. I have spoken with numerous artists about the possibility of a cover-up but it was impossible with all the black shading and straight lines. I had decided to just live with it until this opportunity came up (Remove opened here in January). I’m really looking forward to having something new there! Since I will be doing a cover up it is not necessary to take away all of the tattoo. I just need to fade it out some. That is the advantage of using both the laser and a tattoo, it doesn’t have to be totally removed for it to work. The best thing is to talk to the artist you want to do the cover-up and make an idea about what to do. Finally, set a consultation at Remove Bergen and they can help with planning.

I have gone to 3 sessions so far and my tattoo is faded. I do need to emphasize that I am having weak sessions. My skin is very sensitive and I am not in a hurry to get it taken away. I’m sure if we had a “normal” session I would see a larger change but I am ok with this. I have waited to write this review until I have had a more noticeable result so I that it’s easier to see for everyone.

Det røde og oransje er ikke behandlet.

The most popular question is, “Does it hurt?” Yes, of course it hurts. It’s not as painful as you would think. Remove Bergen uses the newest lasers in the field and they are not as damaging as the older ones. It takes different wavelengths to remove different colors so the blacks and reds are fading much more than the green.

Next question, “Does it damage the skin?’ No. Not even my super sensitive skin! They have been really fantastic about not only giving me great and professional treatment, but also very good recommendations for aftercare. It’s very similar to what I am used to with tattooing but obviously some big differences (blistering for example).

Sandy og sykepleier Åshild

And I think the most important question, “Would you recommend it to others?” Yes. In fact I am soon to start the process of doing cover-ups on a few tattoos that have been faded at Remove Bergen. I’ll be able to show some of those examples in the next few months. It takes some time to have the treatments and then let the skin heal completely to begin to tattoo over it again. I’m looking forward to those tattoos. It will be nice to accomplish something that wouldn’t be possible without the laser treatments.

With cover-ups, the idea is that you need to merge the tattoos into a new design that “covers” the old. Sometimes this is impossible. In my case, with my arm, a laser treatment followed by a cover-up is seriously the only solution. I am more than confident to recommend Remove Bergen to clients that don’t have any clear options or a better solution than is possible by lightening their old tattoos. I’ll keep you posted on how the next sessions go with my arm and my final personal cover-up. I will also track the course my client’s successes as well.

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